USPS Return Receipt | Types and Cost of Return Receipt

There are several services you can buy from the post office or USPS store when you’re mailing. USPS customers choose the services according to their needs. Out of all the services USPS offers, this article talks about USPS return receipts.

Do you have any idea what they are, how these work, and how you can use them? If your answer is no, don’t worry! This article gives answers to these questions and some others also.

What is USPS Return Receipt?

Return Receipt is a service offered to the sender/mailer with proof of successful delivery. You can add this service only at the mailing time. the service isn’t available once you have placed an order. Once your item is delivered, you’ll get the below-given information:

  • Delivery Date
  • Signature of Recipient/Agent
  • Delivery Address (in case your package is delivered to another address)

All these details will be available on the receipt. There are two ways to receive the receipt:

  • Hard copy through the mail
  • Electronic receipt through email

You can opt for any of the two ways to receive the mail. With the first option, you’ll receive the recipient’s actual signatures on the receipt. With the second option, you’ll receive a copy of the signatures.

How Does USPS Return Receipt Work?

The other names for return receipts are ‘USPS Return Labels’ and also ‘Green Card’. You can either choose a physical receipt or an electronic receipt. You get the return receipt once your order is successfully delivered. In order to avail of this service, customers have to fill out a form. You can buy this form from the post office.

Types of Return Receipt:

There are two types of return receipts

  • Domestic return receipt
  • International return receipt

USPS Return Receipt Cost

Return receipts provide you with peace of mind as it is proof of delivery. The receipt has all the essential details such as the date of delivery, name of the recipient, and the address. Customers can even track the receipt through mail.

As you know, you can receive the receipt by:

  • Mail
  • Electronically

The hike in postal rates has been approved by Postal Regulatory Cost. The latest rates are given below.

Receipt type                                                                                    Cost

Return receipt by mail (PS Form 3811)                                     $2.75

Return receipt by email (electronic)                                            $1.45

In simpler words, it means a copy of a physical receipt is costlier than its electronic counterpart.

USPS certified mail return receipt cost

The Certified mail cost is $3.35. if you choose it with physical mail receipt, you’ll have to pay $6.10 and with an electronic mail receipt, you’ll have to pay $4.80.


  • Buy it at the post office based on the mail class you select
  • It is only available with Priority Mail Express
  • Electronic return receipts aren’t offered for all the addresses like APO/FPO/DPO addresses or specific US possessions or territories

USPS Return Receipt Tracking:

The physical receipt has a barcode along with the tracking number. However, this tracking number isn’t helpful if you want to track the item or the mail sent by the mailer. But, it offers to track information on the receipt itself.

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