UPS Tracking Number – Format, Example, and Everything

Heard of UPS Tracking? It is a method facilitated by the company to allow the users to get aware of the updated status of their package. The UPS tracking lets you know exactly where your shipment is, and when can you expect your package delivery. This service is automatically included with most of the packages. Also, for using this service, you don’t need to pay anything as it is free of cost. UPS uses a unique number for this service, and they provide that number to the customers and use it themselves as well. That number is called Tracking Number.

To know more about this fantastic service, go through the details below:

UPS Tracking Number:

UPS, one of the best package delivery companies, provides several services to its customers. These services include some add-on services as well. One of the most efficient add-on services that UPS facilitates is the service called the UPS tracking. Moreover, UPS Tracking is a free service that is included with almost all the packages you send through UPS.

UPS scans your package many times when you leave the package with UPS to its final delivery. At almost all the points and stages of the transit, it is customary for the UPS to scan the package. UPS allots a tracking no. to every shipment. This is the number that UPS scans at different stages. Using this scanning of the number, the customer can get information about their package.

The UPS tracking no. is a number that is given to the UPS users to track their shipments. The details you can view using it are the route of the package, the expected date of the delivery of the package, the latest update of the package, etc.

UPS Tracking number, which is also called as UPS Tracking ID, allows international tracking as well and UPS will give you the tracking no. working for almost every country like Canada, USA, and UK. This number helps you know about your international package.

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UPS Tracking Number Format:

Coming to the UPS tracking number format, let us tell you that UPS tracking number is a long number having many characters. In all, the number is 18 digits number. The classification of the 18 characters tracking no. of UPS is mentioned below:

  • The initial two letters of the number are 1Z.
  • The next 6 characters are the shipper number
  • After that, the next two digits are the service level indicator. To cite UPS tracking number example, in the case of UPS ground tracking number, it is 03
  • The last 8 digits of the number are the digits that are used to identify our package

You must be thinking how long is tracking no. Well yes, it is. The format of the tracking number can be:

  • 1Z9999999999999999

It’s also known as UPS tracking 1z number because it starts with 1Z. To add another detail, UPS also provides the tracking of the numbers containing 7 characters to 20 characters, like:

  • House Air Waybill: For the air freight movement
  • House Bill of Lading: For the ocean freight movement
  • PRO Number is used for surface freight movement, like the format of UPS freight tracking number.
  • Delivery Order or Sub-PRO Number – Less Than Truckload (LTL) or Truckload (TL) child shipment tracking numbers
  • UPS InfoNotice: A bar-coded notice which is included with a 12-digit reference number. UPS provides this on the first attempt of delivery in select countries.
  • UPS Service Notice: A notice that UPS generates on the first attempt of delivery in select countries.

You can see the tracking number format in the image below:

UPS Tracking Number Format

How to Get UPS Tracking Number?

To get the UPS tracking code, you need to look for it on your order receipt. It is the same receipt which you would have received from the UPS at the time of placing the order. But, If you placed your order online, then find it in your email or on your UPS account.

If you have booked your shipment offline,

  • Locate the order receipt which UPS gave you.
  • Find the longest number on the receipt.
  • This longest number is the tracking number.

Using this UPS shipping number, a user can start tracking their shipment online. There is a phone number on your receipt, and you can call on that number and get the updated status of your package too.

If you have used PayPal, then use the number given to check the updated status of your shipment. This tracking number will be mentioned on the details page of the PayPal transaction. To know more, follow these steps:

  • Sign-in to your PayPal account.
  • Click “View all of my transactions,”
  • Alternatively, click “History” link which is given near the top of the page
  • The page will open that has all your PayPal transactions
  • Click the “Details” link, and you will find the same next to the transaction you have chosen
  • A page will open
  • The page will display the details PayPal has on the transaction including the UPS tracking number.

Where is the Tracking Number on the UPS Receipt?

You can check or lookup UPS tracking number on the UPS receipt as well. But many time the people are not able to view it on the UPS receipt. UPS receipt is the one that UPS would have given you at the time you placed your order.

As we told you before, the tracking no. has 18 digits. It is the longest number which you will find on your UPS receipt. So, look for the longest number. You will be able to find that no. on the receipt.

UPS Ground Tracking Number:

UPS ground tracking is also an economical service. UPS ground service provides a date-scheduled, certain, and cost-effective delivery for your residential and commercial shipments. It is lesser in the cost as compared to the services of Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air. UPS ground is a regular shipping service and allows UPS tracking. Here also, you will receive a tracking number, and you can track your packages. Normally, it takes around 1 to 5 working days for the UPS ground package delivery.

The example of UPS Ground Tracking Number:

  • 1Z5615280341136445

UPS ground shipping tracking provides other amazing features too like valuable services or options. To track a UPS Ground parcel, you can select any regular method of UPS tracking such as email, reference, SMS, mobile app, etc.

UPS Freight Tracking Number:

UPS customers can track their freights easily with the same tracking tools which can be used for other packages. There is no much difference between the tracking no. of UPS freights and packages. You can see the number used for packages above and the number used for UPS freights by CLICKING HERE.

UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Number:

UPS Mail Innovations is called as UPS-MI. It is a joint venture between USPS and UPS. UPS collects the package of the customer at the fulfillment center, and the USPS delivers the same. USPS does the delivery of the parcel to the address or P.O Box of the customer.

To track the UPS Mail Innovations, follow these:

  • Go to the following link:-
  • Enter the tracking number. You can enter max 25.
  • Click on the “Track” option.
  • View the latest update of the package.

The UPS mail innovations tracking no. carries a different format than the regular ones since here both the USPS and UPS mail innovation network works. The format of the UPS mail innovations tracking no. is:

  • USPS Delivery Confirmation Number is 22 digits to 34 digits number.
  • The sequence Number or MMS or MMI Number is the 18-digit number that UPS World ship or UPS Mail Innovations allot.
  • Mail Innovations Compliant Package ID is a barcode type identifier with a format like the one written below:


It was the example. In this UPS Mail Innovations tracking no. format,

  • MI is the UPS Mail Innovations indicator
  • XXXXXX is the 6-digit unique customer number
  • NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN is the 22 characters unique number that shipper allots.

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