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UPS that is United Parcel Service is one of the biggest parcel services in the world. UPS has its customers all around the world. There are approximately 8 million customers of UPS which make it the world’s biggest package delivery company. Headquarters situated at Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States, UPS is popularly known as “BROWN” as the delivery trucks are colored brown and the uniform of the agents is also brown. UPS delivers around 15 million packages to most countries of the world. You see 15 million packages is a huge number and there would be definitely some queries regarding the delivery of the packages and the UPS stores.

As you know USPS delivers on Sunday then most of the customers have queries Does UPS Deliver On Sunday? It is one of the most common questions by the customers of UPS. A large number of people want to know whether UPS ships on Sunday or not because they want to ship their important packages or documents on Sundays. So, here is everything about the UPS Sunday delivery and what hours it works on Sundays. Let’s find out the right answer below on this page.

Does UPS Deliver On Sunday?

The right answer to this question is “No” UPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays. UPS works on Saturdays only but UPS doesn’t run on Sundays. There would neither be commercial nor residential delivery on Sundays by UPS. UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Next Day Air Early, UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Groundwork on Saturdays only. There would be no delivery on Sunday. Read the complete article to know more about UPS Sunday Delivery.

UPS Sunday Delivery

As all of you know that most of the businesses remain closed on Sunday. United Parcel Service (UPS) makes the most of its profit from business-to-business (B2B) parcels and if most of the businesses remain closed on Sunday then it would not be profitable for UPS to ship on Sunday. This is the main reason why UPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays. UPS makes a very low profit on Business to Residential parcels.

Every business is run to make more profit. UPS has a union to work on Sundays as well but they cost a lot to UPS. There are more charges to run the services, delivery fleets, and process the packages on this day. All these extra charges are asked for customers to pay. Because of the high cost, there is not enough demand for the packages to deliver on Sundays. When the demand will be enough, UPS will surely start its services on Sunday as well. Nowadays UPS is partnering with the local businesses, making more UPS stores where people can pick up and drop off their packages. Hope it will start the service soon on Sundays.

Note: There is an exception for the UPS Sunday Delivery. UPS Critical Express delivers 7 days a week and 365 days a year to all the 50 states and Puerto Rico. Only packages by the UPS Critical Express will deliver on Sundays.

UPS Delivery Commitment

  • Once you place an order, the specific delivery time will be provided to you and UPS will deliver before the given time or on the given time.
  • UPS delivers on the time to all the 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Sunday delivery will only be possible by the UPS Critical Express. Only UPS Critical Express packages will be delivered on Sundays. If you want same-day delivery (inside the U.S) then you may contact to 1-800-714-8779 or (+1) 913-693-6205 (outside the U.S)

Contact UPS Critical Express here.

Is UPS Open On Sunday?

Although UPS doesn’t deliver on Sunday yet some UPS stores open on Sundays. Not every store remains open but you can find which store is open and can visit that nearest store to you. These stores are open to completing a few things not shipping or delivering the packages. These stores also help some other small businesses other than packing and shipping. You can go to any opened UPS store and can confirm the tasks they can complete on Sunday. You can find the operational hours of UPS by the given steps below.

Note: UPS customer care also remain open on Sundays. You can call 18007425877 for any help.

UPS Sunday Hours

As we have told you earlier that not all the UPS stores remain open on Sundays. Only a few stores remain open on Sunday. The working hours for each store may vary by location. We can now help you to find which store is open and what hours UPS work on Sunday. There are some steps given below and you can follow them for all of your queries.

  1. Click on Find Location on the UPS official site
  2. Enter the location and details they ask
  3. Click on the “Find” option to get results
  4. Corresponding to your location, select the icon on the map to know the working hours

In most of the stores, you will not find the UPS drop-off time on Sundays, this is because UPS doesn’t support drop-off service on Sundays in those stores.

Some Important Points At A Glance:

  • UPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays
  • Some UPS stores remain open on Sundays
  • UPS doesn’t ship on Sundays
  • UPS Sunday working hours may vary from store to store

Alright, we have tried to answer all of your questions in this post and hope this post will help you. If you still have any problems you may comment to us and we will try hard to give you a more satisfactory solution.

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