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As all of you know that UPS (United Parcel Service) is the world’s biggest delivery company which delivers all types of packages inside the US and internationally as well. This is the most trusted delivery company in the US and people outside the US also use UPS for their international packages delivery. It takes care of customers’ priorities and that’s why people use UPS over other delivery companies. This is the safest company and tries hard to deliver the packages as soon as possible. It provides several types of services and people use each service according to their needs. Among all these, some people may be confused about whether there is any UPS Delivery on Saturday or not. We will talk about this question below in this post.

As Saturday is the weekend and it may be obvious for some people about the working of UPS on Saturday. People ask many questions like Does UPS run on Saturday? or Is UPS open on Saturday? Sunday is also a weekend and we have published the article about UPS Delivery on Sunday, you can read it if you have any questions about UPS Sunday Delivery. In this post, we are going to discuss UPS Saturday Hours and delivery. So, let’s know the answer below in this article.

Does UPS Deliver On Saturday?

This is one of the most asked questions by the people whether UPS ships on Saturday or not. The answer to this question is “YES! UPS delivers on Saturday” but only a few types of packages will be delivered on Saturday. These packages are as follows:

  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS 3rd Day Select
  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus
  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight

All these packages should be labeled and processed for Saturday delivery only then they will be delivered on Saturday.

UPS Saturday Delivery

UPS Saturday delivery is available only to those customers who use the services given above. The package delivery on Saturday depends on the shipper, not on the receiver. Only the shipper can determine whether the package will deliver on Saturday or not. There are some extra charges for the Saturday delivery and all those extra charges are to be paid by the shipper, not by the receiver. Suppose, a shipper ships the 2nd-day air delivery then the package will be delivered on Monday unless he mentions or labels on the package that it should be delivered on Saturday. This service allows customers to receive the packages 2 days before the expected date of delivery. UPS has started its ground service to both commercial and residential areas and delivers 6 days a week.

UPS Delivery On Saturday

As we have told you earlier that some of the services of UPS deliver on Saturdays as well. There is another question that customers of UPS generally ask Does UPS Ground Deliver On Saturday? So, the answer to this question is “YES” UPS Ground and 3rd Day Select residential packages are delivered on Saturday in many metro areas.

UPS customers from the UK have also a question Does UPS Deliver on Saturday in the UK? From 2020 onwards, UPS has started its Saturday delivery in the UK and entire Europe.

Pick Up on Saturday

Pick-up service is also available on Saturday. You can schedule your pick-up online at

You can also call at (1-800-742-5877) or can visit any UPS store to pick up a package. Commercial customers can also pick up the packages with Saturday pick up at no additional charges. UPS doesn’t charge for the Saturday pick-up. Customers can request Saturday pick up for all the domestic packages and the eligible packages will be delivered on Monday.

Is UPS Open On Saturday?

Saturday is a business day for UPS. So, it is obvious that UPS remains open on Saturday. This is also one of the most asked questions Does UPS run on Saturday? So, the answer to this question is “YES” UPS runs on Saturdays as well. UPS stores remain open on Saturday and you can visit any nearby store for any information you want from UPS customer care. Before visiting any UPS store you must know the working hours of that UPS store. We will help you to know the UPS Hours below in this post. Before that, you should know that UPS delivers and picks up the packages on Saturdays.

UPS Saturday Hours

There are certain hours for each UPS store to work on Saturday. So, before visiting any store you must know the UPS Saturday Hours of that store. Here is how can you find online the working hours of your nearby UPS store. Read the following steps carefully and do whatever you are asked to do.

  1. Click here to go to the UPS official site
  2. Click on Find Locations
  3. Fill in the required things like locations and other details
  4. Click on the “Find” option
  5. Click the nearest icon on the map to know the hours

What Time Does UPS Deliver On Saturday?

There are certain UPS services that work and deliver on Saturday. Here is the delivery time of each service that they deliver the packages to you.

  1. UPS 2nd Day Air: All the packages (picked on Thursday) by the UPS 2nd Day Air will be delivered by the end of Saturday (Based on destination)
  2. UPS 3 Day Select: By end of the day (Based on destination)
  3. UPS Ground: By end of the day (Based on destination)
  4. UPS Next Day Air: Delivery by 12:00 pm or 1:30 pm on Saturday and 10:30 am to 12:00 pm on weekdays (Based on destination)
  5. UPS Next Day Air Early: As early as 9:00 am (Based on destination)
  6. UPS Worldwide Express: Based on the destination
  7. UPS Worldwide Express Plus: Based on the destination

Can I Pick Up Packages From UPS on Saturday?

The UPS customers usually have a question about whether it is possible to pick the packages up from UPS on Saturday or not? YES! you pick up your package from UPS on Saturday. There are ways to make it possible. Either Online or Offline.

Offline: Use your UPS My Choice membership or talk to customer care and once you get the confirmation that your package has been processed then you can pick it up.

Online: Visit the Tracking detail page and click on the “Change delivery” option. Before that, you must have that 12-digit tracking number. After clicking the Change delivery option, you will need to click on Pickup my package at a UPS location. Thus, you can pick up your package from the UPS store.

Well, we have tried our best to give you all the information about the Saturday delivery and working hours of UPS. We hope this post will help you in several ways. If you still have some problems then you may comment to us and we will be there for you. You can also contact UPS Customer care by clicking here.

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