PS Form 3811 | USPS Return Receipt Form (Domestic)

The United State Postal Service or USPS Return Receipt Form is basically a proof of delivery that the item has been delivered. Once the delivery of an item has made, the mailer gets this return receipt by the First-Class mail service of the USPS. Following things are mentioned in the return receipt:

  1. Date of delivery of the item
  2. Recipient’s Signature
  3. Delivery Address 

Note: This return receipt, sometimes, may be related to “Green Gard”

What is PS Form 3811

PS form 3811 is also used as the Domestic USPS Return Receipt Form.¬† The approved receipt by the United State Postal Service (USPS) contains a tracking number that’s also helpful in several ways and must be kept. The mentioned tracking number on this receipt would not help you the track the mail that has been sent by the mailer. The receipt too can’t be seen by any customer online.

How Does PS Form 3811 Look Like?

Images of the return receipt form are given below:



PS form 3811



PS Form 3811 – PDF


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