What If You lost Your USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. Tracking Number?

The tracking number is the key to track the packages. It is a number that the package delivery companies attach with almost all the shipments so that the customer can know where exactly is his package lying, and when can he expect the same. Hence, it is advised to all the users of the companies like UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx to keep the tracking number safe with them so that there is no hurdle in tracking the packages.

But, even then, at times due to unavoidable circumstances or ignorance, the people lose their tracking number and then get worried that how will they track their package.

Where Do I Find My Tracking Number?

Finding the tracking number is not a difficult task. In case of USPS lost tracking number, UPS lost tracking number, or any other number, you may easily find this number at one of the following places for sure:

  • The shipping receipt that your Post Office would have provided you
  • The sales receipt, in case you have purchased insurance at the Post Office
  • If you have shipped online, via the site of USPS.com, you will find the tracking number in the email confirmation that you would have in your mailbox.
  • If you have used the services of the online retailer, you will find the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email; the online retailer would have sent you.
  • If you look at the bottom peel-off portion of your Tracking label carefully, you will get to see the tracking number.
  • The tracking number is also written on the back of the orange slip that you would have got in case you missed a delivery.

Track Package Without Tracking Number:

If you do not get your tracking number at any of the places that are mentioned above, then you don’t have to worry at all. Mostly the customers often get upset thinking I lost my USPS tracking number, and they will never be able to track their package now. But, the ambit of the package delivery companies like USPS and UPS are wide, where there are alternatives to almost everything. These companies try their best to provide solutions to everything for the convenience of their customers. They always want to help their users and give best services to them.

So, in case of USPS/UPS/FedEx/DHL lost tracking number, if you think that you cannot track a package without the tracking number, then you are wrong. There are also the ways to track the packages without even having the tracking number, and you will get the answer of the question, what can I do if I lost my tracking number for USPS, for sure.

You can read our article to track USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx Packages without Tracking Number. It will surely help you.

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