Can You Pickup Package From USPS Before Delivery?

United States Postal Service has become the third-largest employer in the US. The company is providing its services to the people of the US for a long time. People choose it because it offers different mail classes as well as cheaper rates compared to other companies. There are so many USPS customers who ask can I pick up the package from USPS before delivery? To know the answer, keep on reading this article.

Can You Pick Up the Package From USPS?

There are so many people who want to pick up their mail items and packages from the post office before they’re delivered. All the customers have their own reasons for wanting their packages before the scheduled delivery. So, the answer to the most frequently asked question is yes, you can pick up your packages from the post office before they’re delivered. Apart from that, USPS provides many services d  programs to its customers which let you pick up your mails and packages to reach their final destinations.

USPS Package Intercept:

USPS Intercept  Package is a service that allows you to easily redirect your domestic shipments which haven’t been out for delivery or delivered. You can either redirect your package to a new domestic address or hold it for pick up (to know more about this, read the next heading). The service is available for flats, letters, and packages with tracking barcodes or extra service. Before availing of this service, make sure the item is eligible for this service. You need your tracking number to use this service.

When you know your items are eligible for this program, submit your request online by logging into your USPS account. After submitting your request, you’ll know an estimated total amount. This includes intercept fees and postage. With all this done, USPS tries to redirect or intercept your shipment.

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Points to note

  • No fee is charged if your shipment wasn’t intercepted. If it was, then the fee is applicable for all the requests.
  • There is no refund for the intercept fee.
  • You can avail of this service for all the domestic mail services.
  • Intercept service isn’t available for USPS Marketing Mail or Periodicals.
  • Your item should be less than 108 inches in length and breadth.
  • The service isn’t available for mails addressed to Commercial Mailing Receiving Agency or redirected to a PO Box.

Hold For Pickup

This service promises the delivery of your shipment to one of the given Hold For Pickup locations. If you choose this service then USPS will inform you through different means like SMS, email, or phone that your package is ready for pickup. If you pick up your package immediately, it is okay if you don’t do so then USPS will remind you again through an SMS or email after five days. In case it is a Priority Mail Express item, then USPS will remind you after three days.


The article explains the best ways to pick up USPS shipments before they are delivered. We tried our best to answer the question USPS customers usually ask. Hope all your doubts are clear now!

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